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Heavy-duty shears: used to process and cut various plates into various specifications of materials, especially for the use of rare metal plates and bars (such as titanium plates, titanium rods, nickel plates, niobium plates, etc.); shipbreaking plants The ship plate; the processing of automobile plate is more suitable, which can completely replace flame cutting and reduce the processing cost. Among similar products in the same industry, it has the advantages of low price, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

model:Q15Gantry klippemaskine

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Model: Forbedret Q15-315 ton portalklip

product description:
Uses: It is mainly used for processing various metal plates, nickel plates, copper plates, rebar and other materials to cut into various specifications of materials, which can completely replace flame cutting and reduce processing costs. Steel plate slitting machine is mainly suitable for cutting steel plates, copper plates, nickel plates and other metal plates. Shearing force is 100 tons to 250 tons. The size of the material to be cut (12~20mm)×250mm. The cutting frequency is 8-12 times per minute. This series requires simple infrastructure.
1. Using hydraulic drive, it can start and stop at any position, easy to achieve overload protection.
2. Single or continuous operation can be selected according to the needs of use.
1. Denne maskine vedtager hydraulisk drev og har egenskaberne ved lille størrelse, letvægt, inerti med lav bevægelse, lav støj, stabil bevægelse, fleksibel drift og stor forskydningssektion sammenlignet med mekanisk transmissionssaks.
2. It adopts integrated hydraulic and electric control, can perform single and continuous action conversion, is simple and convenient to use, can stop and run at any working position, and is easy to realize overload protection.
3. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used as processing equipment for metal recycling and processing units, as well as furnace charge processing in factory foundries and metal cutting processing equipment in mechanical construction industries.

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